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Feng Shui

Balance and Harmony in Your Environment
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Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement – the study of how to arrange our physical environments so that they nurture us in living healthy, happy and abundant lives. When our home and work spaces, indoors and outdoors, are beautiful and harmonious the positive energy we feel will support us in realizing our dreams to the fullest.

Feng shui means "wind and water", elements which symbolize the flow of universal life force energy. Feng shui posits that this “chi” moves in predictable patterns and when we align our environments with the flow we will literally be carried along from success to success by this river of life.

Interior Design & Feng Shui

Feng shui dovetails naturally with the practice of interior and exterior design. It uses the tools of lighting, color, materials (or elements), textures, furniture placement, art and plants to achieve its goals of creating beauty, harmony and function. Beyond the simple physical arrangement of our surroundings, it adds the component of intentional creation and posits a beneficial relationship between the energies of humankind, the earth, and the divine, however one may perceive that.

"Susan gave me a quick (feng shui) tip with a simple fix for a flower bed in my front yard. Just by moving it a few feet further from my front door, I immediately felt a new flow (of energy) – less constricted!"

Toni Francis
Grants Pass, Oregon

Feng Shui Consultation for Your Home or Office

Since completing the studies which led to my certification as a feng shui practitioner in 2006, I always bring “Feng shui eyes” to my design consultations, whether or not I articulate this philosophy. For those who are interested in this system of thought, I offer consultations which focus specifically on the feng shui of your home or office in Grants Pass or anywhere in Oregon.

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